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Nurture yourself and live your potential with this practical and accessible guide to your unique blend of fire, earth, air, and water from goop's resident psychological astrologer There are four elements--fire, earth, air, and water--that exist in nature and within us all. Knowing your personal map of these four elements offers a way to personalize your self-care rituals and design your best life: one that fully expresses your special gifts. With a PhD in psychology in addition to her expertise as an astrologer, Dr. Jennifer Freed is here to show you to how to decode and tap into the gifts of your elemental blend in this extremely practical book, filled with personalized strategies on every page. Some of the advice is as simple as the color scheme that will make you feel most at peace in your bedroom. Other advice is as nuanced as how to set up an exercise routine that works for you, how to better listen to and empathize with your loved ones, or how to have difficult conversations at work. To get a sense of how the four elements manifest for you, think of a time when you felt: Mentally clear : that's air Grounded and centered : that's earth Openhearted : that's water Creative : that's fire Written with the beginner in mind but offering insight to the experienced student of astrology, A MAP TO YOUR SOUL is a 12-part journey through the way the elements express themselves in different areas of life. By balancing the elements within us and deftly supporting our elemental needs, we can finally truly flourish.



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